Drive Repair Warranty

At ElectroAid Service Engineering Ltd, based in Telford, we endeavor to provide an excellent customer experience every time. The warranty that we will offer you for your repaired drive is dependent on the age of the drive. See below for the full terms and conditions of our warranty.
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Complete drive repair warranties that go the extra mile

Wherever possible, we at ElectroAid Service Engineering Ltd source spare parts from the manufacturer. From discrete components to more complex sub-assemblies, there is no question that the most reliable repair is carried out with direct replacement parts that are identical to those used during the initial manufacturing process. At ElectroAid Service Engineering Ltd, based in Telford we serve throughout the UK.
Electro Aid Service Engineering Ltd employ engineers who have the skills and analytical equipment required to make repairs down to component level, so you don't have to pay any more than is necessary for your repairs. For your peace of mind, all of our drive repairs come with a warranty.
The warranty period offered is dependent on the age of a drive being repaired. For example, the KTK 6P DC drive is circa 40 years old, holding a 3-month warranty post-repair. For a Control Techniques SP drive, you would get a 12-month warranty as this is product is still being manufactured.
Drive repair work

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Warranty terms and conditions

1. This repair carries a 3, 6, 12, months' return to base warranty. Or 5, 8, 14, months' warranty from date of repair if not in service
2. On the assumption of a recurrence failure identical to the one first reported, we will honour the warranty. However, we reserve the right to question a warranty claim if a failure occurs within the warranty period that is of a different nature to the one first reported.
3. The equipment is used in correct accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
If you require further information please contact us.
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